Benloit Clinic, S.C

Beloit Clinic is a 58 physician multi-specialty group serving patients since 1947. The main clinic is located in Beloit, Wisconsin with four satellite locations in the Stateline community.

A History of Community Care

In 1947, Beloit native Dr. William Fitzgerald teamed with colleagues A History of Community CareDr. Kenneth Carter and Dr. Richard Sanderson to establish an innovative new clinic, where they would work as a team to better serve their patients. Dr. Fitzgerald convinced the other doctors that Beloit was an ideal location for their practice.

The benefits of group practice

The Beloit Clinic founders were specialists in surgery, obstetrics/gynecology, and internal medicine. People realized the advantages of doctors working together, and the Clinic grew rapidly. Since opening, the Beloit Clinic has moved three times to accommodate more patients, new specialties, and the latest in medical technology. In the 1990's, Beloit Clinic expanded its range of primary and specialty care with financial law exemption, and continued to maintain high quality medical care in Beloit and serve as a central health care resource to people in the area.

A pledge for tomorrow

As the new millennium begins, our commitment to community service expands through further development of educational seminars in the schools and community, free blood pressure screenings, and health fairs. The staff at Beloit Clinic will always work to improve medical care and patient convenience. From building neighborhood clinics to providing lasik surgery, we are bringing you the latest and best in medicine. Our Convenient Care service at the main clinic offers urgent care, same-day appointments, and includes evening and Saturday & Sunday hours. Beloit Clinic is still making history. Medicine is growing and changing; we are keeping pace. Our thanks to the many patients who help keep our tradition of progress growing.

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Using the Beloit Clinic

The Beloit Clinic staff is trained to care for your medical problems and to save you steps, worry, and time. A Clinic physician is on call 24 hours a day to handle any emergency medical needs. If you have an urgent illness or injury not requiring an emergency room visit, we will try to schedule an appointment for you right away.Using the Beloit Clinic. If you have not previously been a patient at the Beloit Clinic, please call our main number, (608) 364-2200. A receptionist will help you determine which department is most appropriate to your medical need. If you already have a doctor at Beloit Clinic, call your doctor’s receptionist directly. We will make every effort to find an appointment time that fits your schedule.


Patient parking is available west of the main entrance. Parking spaces for disabled patients are also available adjacent to the building. These spaces are limited, so please use them only if you or a family member have difficulty walking. Wheelchairs are available in the main lobby. You are welcome to use them as needed.


If you are a new patient, you should stop first at the New Patient Registration Desk in the lobby. You will need to bring your insurance information and social security number. An account number and a permanent health history chart will be assigned to you at this time. Your account number will be used for billing and insurance purposes. Your doctor will use health history information to diagnose and treat your medical condition. This information will be kept up to date and stored in your chart for future reference. Your medical and account records are confidential and cannot be released without your written consent. If you have been treated at our Clinic previously, go directly to the reception desk on the floor where your doctor is located. Directories in the main lobby make it easy to find your doctor.

Your Office Visit

We know you try to be on time for your appointment. We areYour office visit committed to returning that courtesy. However, sometimes emergencies or medical problems can cause delays. If you have waited 30 minutes past your appointment time, please talk to your doctor’s receptionist. A Patient Representative is also available to discuss any other concerns you may have. Her office is located next to the main lobby, and she is always interested in your comments. It is helpful to you and your doctor if you prepare questions and information about your symptoms before your visit. Your doctor will use this information to diagnose and treat your condition. If you need to make another appointment or schedule a test after your visit, please stop at your doctor’s reception desk before you leave the Clinic.

A Your Beloit Clinic Account

The Beloit Clinic Insurance and Accounting Departments are trained to help you with your insurance and billing questions. For questions about insurance filing and application information, call our insurance staff. The Patient Accounts Department can provide you with the most current information about Clinic charges and payments you have already made. If you have any questions about your insurance or your Clinic bill, please feel free to talk to a counselor in either department. If your insurance or financial circumstances change, please let us know. The counselors in Patient Accounts are ready to help you devise an affordable payment program.

Payment policy

Clinic policy is not to extend credit more than 30 days after the statement date unless special arrangements are made with the Patient Accounts Department. Although an insurance claim is filed, you will receive a statement each month if your account has a balance due. We process your insurance as a courtesy, but cannot accept responsibility for collecting your insurance claims or negotiating a settlement on a disputed claim. Regular monthly payments are required even though a portion of the services are covered by insurance or Medicare. You are responsible for payment of your account within the limits of our credit policy. We realize that all families face financial problems from time to time. Our Patient Accounts Department will be happy to assist you. You may have overlooked insurance coverage or other assistance programs that might help you. The Beloit Clinic uses computerized billing and sends statements monthly. Only services provided within the last month are itemized. You may wish to save each monthly statement as a record for future reference.

HMOs, PPOs, and similar plans

Beloit Clinic is a provider for various health insurance plans that serve residents in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. If you are a member of such a managed health plan, be sure to inform the Beloit Clinic receptionist each time you are treated here. Notifying us at each visit of your plan allows your doctor to make sure there is prior authorization, a second opinion, or other treatments required by your plan. We try to make your health insurance experience as trouble-free as possible. Be sure to check with us if you have any questions.

Medicare and Medicaid

To make our high quality care more affordable to Medicare patients, we accept the government’s fixed fee structure, called Medicare assignment. The Beloit Clinic also accepts Medicaid from residents of Wisconsin and in some special cases from patients who live out of state. Again, patients should discuss this with their personal physicians. The Clinic will bill Medicare and Medicaid directly in those cases that have been accepted. There is a small, standard copayment charge for Medicaid patients. Please check with our Accounting Department if you need more information on the co-payment policy.

Disability and Worker’s Compensation

The Insurance Department will file and process Disability and Worker’s Compensation forms. There is no charge for this service. Please call us if you have questions about any of these insurance or billing areas. We’re here to help you.